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The Successories Index 
23rd-May-2008 12:52 pm
Wolf - Sunset Howl
Armed with a burning curiosity to know the width and breadth of my successories efforts and the realization that the link I usually include to past successories only brings up the previous 20-25 posts of them, I pulled together the following index. This also helped me figure just how many of these damn things I've done (uhm...a lot). In short, I REALLY have way too much free time on my hands at times, but I also like to think most of it is time well spent if they garner a few chuckles (and unless otherwise indicated, all of these are safe for work...uhm...language notwithstanding).

Successories - Star Trek
Successories - 24
Yet another jerk investor in the news
Successories - V for Vendetta
Successories - BSG
Successories - Sex Ed Part 1 and "Sex Week" on CC2K! (Slightly NSFW)
Successories - Sex Ed Part 2 (Slightly NSFW)
Successories - Sex Ed Part 3 (Definitely NSFW)
Successories - Voyager and DS9
Successories - Never say never...(Titanic)
Some entertainment-themed successories 
As close to a prison film as Star Trek ever got... (Star Trek “Patterns of Force”)
Successories - Harry Mudd, c'mon down!
Successories - The Black Hole
Successories: Willow
Successories - Big Trouble in Little China
Successories - Star Trek
First still pic from Iron Man 2
Successories - TNG Strikes Again
Successories: Jim Henson Movies (Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal)
Star Trek XI Successories
A couple more by request (Star Trek XI)
David Carradine
Sexy Successories (slightly NSFW)
Some funny on a Wednesday
Perez Hilton
Successories - TOS
Successories - War of the Worlds
The hippocratic oath 
One of our great voices is silent (Walter Cronkite)
Successories - TNG
You can't make this stuff up... (Governator)
Successories - Political Commentators
Three more to go with the last set...
Successories - Star Trek III
Successories - More TNG
Love, exciting and new... 
Successories - Some more TOS
Successories: Twister (not SFW)
Successories: Mixed Bag
Successories - TOS for the final time?
Successories - Nazis 

In addition, CinCity2000 had its "Indiana Jones" week to celebrate the new movie, and I submitted my Indiana Jones themed successories for posting there and they posted them, along with my set of my holiday themed successories and my set for their "sex week" Valentine's Day celebration (slightly not SFW). Oh, and an article on WoW Insider that used one of my successories can be found here.
Successories - Star Wars
Successories: Flash! Aaaah - Aaaaahhhh! (Flash Gordon)
Successories: Dune
Successories: Cult Classics Double-Header (The Ice Pirates and The Fifth Element)
Successories: Darth Vader (Happy Fathers Day)
This was in a Star Wars coloring book?
Successories: The Lord of the Rings
George Carlin 1937 - 2008
Successories: Jurassic Park
What I've learned about Craigslist... 
Happy Fourth of July (slightly NSFW)
Successories: The Final Frontier of The Animated Series (Star Trek V and TAS)
Nerd Fighting
Successories: Batman - ADAM WEST STYLE!
Successories: The Superfriends
Modern Dating
Successories: Frell me dead! (Farscape)
Successories: TOS Action (Scotty, The Cage, Space Seed, TWOK)
Successories: Die Hard
Successories: Aliens
Successories: Politics Schmolitics (The West Wing)
Bush Symbolism
Star Trek: Enterprise
A little fun at Sarah Palin's expense
TNG Successories
Successories: Pirates of the Caribbean
Successories: Inconceivable! (The Princess Bride)
I'm in a really geeky mood at the moment...
Successories: Buckaroo Banzai
Successories: More TOS Action!
Successories: Airplane!
I Can Has Thundercats
A little fun with Sarah Palin
Successories: Army of Darkness
Sympathy is in short supply on Wall Street
Sarah Palin's Fashion Sense
Successories: Young Frankenstein
Successories: Arrested Development
For mercat...
Successories - Next Gen Time
Successories - Bill and Ted
Happy Thanksgiving!
Successories: Highlander
Animation Successories - Family Guy
A Holiday Successory
Animation Successories - Beavis and Butt-Head
Burger King
Animation Successories - Thundercats, hooooo!
Successories - Arrested Development (GOB and Tobias)

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